Why Pick Raw Steel?


Raw Steel Instruments are often overlooked due to the fear of rust associated with untreated steel, however, we apply a long lasting hydrophobic coating to the steel, greatly increasing its corrosion resistance. Raw steel Auras are identifiable by their bright timbre, increased responsiveness to touch, and dark blue/green color. 




Raw steel, as a material, is significantly cheaper than both nitrided and stainless, meaning we can offer these instruments at a reduced price, which should help individuals that would not be able to otherwise purchase an Aura.



$1,700 for a 7 note tone circle. Each additional note on the the top shell is $100/note up to a limit of 9 notes in the tone circle. At this time, we are not planning on offering bottom notes on raw Auras.

Get Your Raw Steel Aura Now


Due to the ease of working with raw steel and the lack of any delay on getting the raw materials, we plan on building raw Auras as they are ordered. The only waiting you will have to do is for your instrument to be finished! Filling out this form will let us know you are interested in purchasing a custom raw steel Aura. Once this form is sent to us, we will contact you shortly regarding your order.

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