Q - What is an Aura?


A - Auras are members of the handpan family of instruments, crafted in New Jersey, USA.

Q - What scales do Auras come in?


A - Here at Aura, we try our best to be able to customize each instrument for its owner, so the answer would be many different ones! The scales tab on this website provides some examples of scales that we are comfortable offering, however, they are not limited to the ones on this list. For scale customization options, pleace contact us directly.

Q - Are Auras heat treated?


A - Auras are heat treated to improve rust resistance and overall timbre.

Q - How large are Auras, and in what size Evatek will they fit?


A - Auras are approximately 22inches (56cm) wide, 9-9.5 inches (23-24cm) tall, and weigh approximately 10 pounds (4.5kg). They fit perfectly in the "Medium" sized Evatek Carrying Case (more information on the Evatek Carrying Case can be found here).

Q - What can I use to clean my Aura?


A - I recommend using Seal1 to clean Auras. The Seal1 can be applied to the instrument and rubbed in using a non abbraisive cloth (I use paper towels or napkins). I would recommend applying a coating of Seal1 to the instrument at least once a month, with additional cleaning sessions added as necessary (such as the instrument coming in contact with excessive moisture or dirt). Cleaning the old layer of Froglube off with rubbing alcohol would remove the possibility of the Froglube building up, along with both disinfecting and removing other debris from the instrument. I would advise against the use of lubricants on the inside of the instrument.

Q - How much will it cost to ship my Aura?


A - Shipping within the United States typically costs between $50-150, but the exact cost will be handled on a pan to pan basis. International orders will be handled on a pan to pan basis.

Q - Will my Aura be damaged if I play or leave it in direct sunlight?


A - Handpans can temporarily detune when exposed to sunlight, however due to the heat treatment that I use, I have not noticed an Aura drift out of tune appreciably when exposed to sunlight. This said, however, I would avoid exposing the instrument to direct sunlight for an extended period of time.

Q - Are there any notes that cannot be tuned on an Aura? And if so, why not?


A - Due to the dimensions of the "standard" size Aura, Bb4 does not resonate clearly, and thus I will avoid building scales on that size with Bb4. Although Bb4 exists in the octave of Bb3, I am still open to tuning Bb3. The beat (wobble) of the octave can be lessened by placing a small block of foam or a small cloth inside the instrument.  B4 is sometimes affected as well, but to a lesser extent.


Since we offer a smaller size, Bb4 can be tuned on those instruments. The problem note on the smaller size instrument is B4.

Q - How much does it cost to get my Aura retuned?


A - Assuming it is a standard retune and the instrument has not sustained heavy damage, the retune itself is free! The customer is only obligated to pay for the shipping of the instrument to and from the Aura workshop. If the instrument is damaged, an aditional expense may be incurred, but this will be handled on a case by case basis.

Q - Do you offer retunes for other instruments?


A - Although I am open to tuning non-Aura instruments, my final decision on whether or not I will attempt a retune and the cost of such a retune will be handled on a case by case basis. If you have an instrument that you are interested in having retuned, please send an email to contact@aurahandpan.com with more information about the instrument.

Q - If I do not connect with the scale that I ordered, can I swap it for a new one?


A - I want everybody to have the pan that truly speaks to them, so I do offer swaps. This being said, however, it is important to understand that there are other people who are waiting for an instrument. Pans intended for swaps will be squeezed into the pipeline whenever time permits.

Q - Can I swap a different kind of handpan for a new Aura?


A - Possibly...if you have a swap in mind, send an email to contact@aurahandpan.com and we will discuss it! 

Q - If I wish to sell or swap my Aura, will I be blacklisted from purchasing another one? Do I have to contact you before doing so?


A - Once the pan leaves my workshop, I have no control over what its new owner does with it. I firmly believe that an individual should be able to do whatever they want with it. I understand that purchasing a handpan is quite the investment, and sometimes a swap turns up that is impossible to turn down. IF YOU SWAP AN AURA FOR ANOTHER INSTRUMENT, OR SELL IT WITHOUT MAKING A PROFIT (barring any financial emergency), YOU WILL NOT BE PENALIZED. That being said, intentionally flipping (selling for a profit) WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, and individuals engaging in such behaviour will be exempt from participating in any waitlists, lotteries, or flash sales. 


If you are thinking of swapping or selling your Aura, I would like to be informed (although it is not necessary) of its wherabouts. Connecting the new owner with me will also ensure that I can provide them with the customer service every Aura owner deserves.

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