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Born from a desire to get handpans into the hands of those that might not otherwise be able to afford them while not sacrificing sound quality, the Beginner Series was created. Made from the same untreated low carbon steel as the Azure Series, the Beginner Series instruments sound just as good as their cousins, maintaining the same note stability and tone quality because they are also hand shaped. The Beginner Series instruments are also coated in a hydrophobic microceramic coating, helping boost their corrosion resistance. To help lower the cost, the Beginner Series instruments have a slightly different construction process and may have some aesthetic defects such as silvery marks or scratches.




Saving Time



By selecting scales that  have only 7 notes in the tonecircle and sufficient space between the notes, the time spent shaping is cut down dramatically. Typically, the shells are polished before heating, a step that helps the coloring of the shell happen more evenly. On the beginner series instruments, this is not done.


TRIm the rim?




When Auras are near completion, the flanges of the instruments are usually trimmed and ground down to ensure that they are even and smooth. Instead of doing this on the Beginner Series, each instrument will come with a rubber ring to cover and protect the flange.



While tuning or shaping untreated low carbon steel that has been colored with heat, areas can sometimes get discolored and reveal the original steel color underneath. On the Azure Series instruments, these areas are heated once again to bring them back to their original color. On the Beginner Series instruments, this step is not taken.


The Result




Cutting out these steps may leave some aesthetic defects, but doing so saves us time and allows us to offer a series of instruments that are significantly cheaper while maintaining the sound quality of our higher end models.




Purchasing a Beginner Series Instrument also comes with a 10% Discount on any future non-Beginner Series Instrument!

Contact us if you wish to apply this discount to an instrument that is in stock and we will provide you a coupon code.

The Beginner Series' availability is subject to change due to increased demand. If they are out of stock, sign up for our Newsletter to be the first to know when they are available again by clicking HERE

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These instruments are made to order. Due to high demand, there may be up to a 2 month delay before ordered instruments can be started. This delay may be subject to change. Customers are welcome to contact us any time to receive an update on their order. It takes approximately 2 - 4 weeks for an instrument to be completed and shipped.

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