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Yu Shang Diao - Resonance Series - (G), Bb, C, D, F, G, Bb, C, D
  • Yu Shang Diao - Resonance Series - (G), Bb, C, D, F, G, Bb, C, D

    Video example of this scale:


    Scale: (G), Bb, C, D, F, G, Bb, C, D

    Material: Stainless Steel


    • This scale is only available in our Smaller Sized (~20" Internal Diameter) instruments due to the Bb4 in the scale. Smaller sized instruments are $200 more expensive than their Standard Sized counterparts due to differences in how the shells are manufactured.


    Yu Shang Diao is a pentatonic scale, able to play in G Minor and Bb Major. Exceedingly fun to play, Yu Shang Diao is a scale that is both easily accessible for newer players (no half steps to worry about) and dynamic enough for more complicated jams.



    • It is recommend to use Seal1 CLP or Phoenix Oil at least once every two weeks to clean and maintain Auras. Both products can be applied to the instrument and rubbed in using a non abrasive cloth (such as paper towels or napkins). The use of lubricants on the inside of the instrument is not recommended.

      Do not play or expose the instrument to direct sunlight for an extended period of time.

    • Before purchasing, please familiarize yourself with our Return Policy and Warranties, which can be found HERE.

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